Botanical Name:
Moringa oleifera oil


The Process:
Our oil is handcrafted using cold-pressed seeds from the Moringa tree which is native to Africa and Southeast Asia. 


-Moisturizes dry skin and scalp
-Helps treat acne, dark spots, and black heads
-May prevent the appearance of stretch marks

How to Use:
Harima Naturals Moringa oil can be enjoyed as is or added as an ingredient into your favorite soaps, body butters, toothpastes, etc. This oil can be used on the skin or hair. 

Amber PET plastic bottle with UV protection
Height: 4.6"
Width: 1.25"

Why Harima Naturals?

We are dedicated to providing premium quality health and beauty ingredients sourced from Africa. We take the time to travel to our suppliers in order to ensure that our products are quality and most importantly ethically sourced.

*All of our products are all natural, non-toxic, and unadulterated.*

Moringa Oil